The Collision Course of Cocaine

10 January 2011

There was a time, not so long ago, when cocaine was considered a glamorous and strictly recreational drug for the rich and beautiful people. This was in the days of high-class parties and discotheque queens, and rock stars putting all their money up their nose. That party has ended long ago, and the reality has come up to pay.

It turns out that all the stories about coke not being addictive, and not being too street, and of being what many thought was a safe high are all known to be lies. Cocaine kills, it is as simple as that. Oh, it is quite the high, but it is the coming down that will do you in.

Coke works on the pleasure principles inside your brain. Without getting into the medical jargon and scientific know how, what it does allow the feel good chemicals, endorphins that are naturally produced in the brain, run amok and start rushing through to the mind all helter seltzer like. That is the part that feels so great, that endorphin rush.

But what happens is that rush wears off all too quickly, leaving the brain depleted of those same chemicals. Naturally, to achieve the balance again, it wants more. It will create more on its own, but this takes time and the wait can be depressing if not painful. So the solution is more of the drug. It works, so the cycle begins.
At the addiction stage all the user can think about is the drug. At this point they will begin to lose everything they once held dear. This includes, but is not limited to, jobs, cars, houses, husbands, wives, and children. But the dope takes it all and the addict keeps on taking the dope.

Do not be lulled by the hype of an easy high. You know the real news by now, right? Drugs are for losers, and no body likes a loser. Cocaine addicts are reduced to less than human status, all because they once thought that they could handle getting high. They cannot, and neither can you. Do not fall for the lies.

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