The Collision Course of Cocaine

10 January 2011

There was a time, not so long ago, when cocaine was considered a glamorous and strictly recreational drug for the rich and beautiful people. This was in the days of high-class parties and discotheque queens, and rock stars putting all their money up their nose. That party has ended long ago, and the reality has come up to pay.

It turns out that all the stories about coke not being addictive, and not being too street, and of being what many thought was a safe high are all known to be lies. Cocaine kills, it is as simple as that. Oh, it is quite the high, but it is the coming down that will do you in.

Other Theories Concerning Addiction Beginning to Carry Weight

For decades the most popular view on addiction was that it was a disease. If someone was addicted to drugs or alcohol it was because they had the gene for addiction. This theory insinuates that a two-year-old child playing in the yard is already an alcoholic. While this theory has reigned popular for decades, people are beginning to look for different avenues to explore when it comes to addiction.

Alternate Solutions to Imprisoning Addicts

As the ever increasing amount of illicit drugs are smuggled into the United States, a vicious cycle of crime and drug addiction has taken a strangle hold on the finances and law enforcement services of our country. The government has created a supposed "war on drugs" that has drained the country's finances for over a decade, with little improvement to show. 

Meth Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab Advice

It's a purely-synthetic and highly-addictive drug that has wrecked lives all throughout the globe. Meth (methamphetamine) - also known as 'crystal' in the United States, 'yaba' in Thailand and 'shabu' in the Philippines - is abused by a wide cross-section of society, from blue collared workers to corporate types, causing unimaginable costs to society in general.

Alcohol Addiction and Drug Treatment Options - The Benefits and Side Effects

Today, alcohol addiction is the number one health problem in America and in 40 countries worldwide. Remarkably, only a small fraction of those who suffer with alcohol abuse actually seek treatment. For those who do, the various recovery options are confusing and limited. Support groups and 12-steps programs have been in existence for nearly a century and offer vital emotional support. Yet, they do not offer alcohol detoxification or treatment, which is vital in combating any addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Center - What They Offer

Cocaine is the top most abused recreational drug throughout the globe. This addiction has crossed the age barriers and now includes people from all job strata and income levels.

Starting out as an entertainment option, the addiction may increase to the level where the addict will use all means of getting the drug, even if it asks of him to resort to self-destructive schemes. Considering the increase in the abuse of this prohibited drug, immediate treatment is the only solution for bringing the addicts out of this devastating condition.

Cocaine Use - The Physical Abuse it Doles on the Body

Cocaine use, as well as any prolonged drug use, has physical complications which go along with using it. The complications can run from minor complications we learn to deal with, to major medical complications caused by continued use, such as overdose, heart attack or stroke. Cocaine use is well known to be very harmful to the brain.
Loss of memory capabilities is one of the factors which comes from cocaine use. During the rush of a cocaine high, when the blood pressure elevates and the blood vessels constrict causing a lack of oxygen, the brain cells deteriorate at an elevated level.